Police report on 4 individuals suspected of breach of trust and abused of power.

This police report is against 4 ex staff of Lab Dom AVMM Suisse (Asia) Sdn. Bhd., with address at Unit 67 & 68, Block K, Alamesra Plaza Utama, Jalan Sulaman, 88450 Kota Kinabalu Sabah, namely:

1. Michael James Lodge (CEO)
2. Niklas Robert Robinson (COO Dubai)
3. Marco Zago (Engagement Manager KK/Dubai)
4. Ronald Tai Wai Dick (General Manager KK)

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Official announcement on the acquisition of LABDOM’s operations and brands

I am proud to officially announce the successful acquisition of Lab Dom AVMM (ASIA) Sdn. Bhd’s (LABDOM) operations and LABDOM’s distinguished brands, namely MFIII of Switzerland, LAB RMS, Swiss Cell, etc. for all nutritional supplements, aesthetic skincare and Biomedical devices, by Geoffrey Allan Holdings Inc. (GAH). These brands will now be licensed and managed by GAH’s wholly-owned subsidiary Nexgen Biopharma Ltd. (NEXGEN) with NEXGEN’s research division acquiring the IPs, trademarks and know-how from LABDOM Suisse Inc. On another note, the therapeutic range of products has been acquired by SBI Ltd.

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